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The Artist

Name: Jamie Barton
Birthdate: June-8-1990 - age 20

I have been drawing since I can remember, but only started seriously getting into art in Middle School. I attended Bak Middle School Of The Arts for grades 6th - 8th and then went to G-Star School Of Arts for Motion Picture and Television Broadcasting for grades 9th - 12th. I graduated highschool in May of 2008 and am currently attending Palm Beach State College seeking my Associate In Arts degree by the end of 2011. Later on I plan on transfering to University of Central Florida, majoring in Visual Language for Animation, minoring in Graphic Design.

My Style

First of all, my style is NOT Anime, whatsoever. I loathe Anime and I'd like to think my art doesn't reflect it. I know the eyes I draw can be quite big, but I try my hardest to stray away from that style as much as possible. I would say my style is mixed with cartoony features while I rely heavily on correct anatomy. Sometimes my pictures can be slightly twisted but usually are pretty innocent. I mainly draw a lot of anthropomorphic work but I have been practicing with humans lately and I do plan on drawing a lot more of them as well. I also draw mostly males, it's not that I don't like the female body and that I never draw it, it's just the male figure appeals to me more. A major influence in my work would be the artist Jhonen Vasquez. He is the creator of the TV show Invader Zim, comics JTHM and Squee. He was and still is a big inspiration in my drive to become an animator. Another artist/animator I admire is Jamie Hewlett. He is the co-creator of the british virtual band, Gorillaz.

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