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What do we have here?

Hi there, welcome to my art site. This site will eventually host my digital and traditional art for your enjoyment!

4/8/2011 - It's been almost a whole year since I have worked on this site. I am trying to redesign it and hopefully improve its over all appearance.

5/23/2010 - I have added more pictures to my anthro gallery and have separated them in sections between the years they have been drawn.

4/29/2010 - Finished the main banner for the site, will keep it for a long while. Added some information to some pages, and now working on adding my gallery images slowly.. from my oldest work to my newest.

4/26/2010 - I have the basic layout of the site done. I am currently working on a banner image. All of the links work and I will be providing the information on each page soon.

Shadow Eclipse [dot] net Machina 2011